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Big Financial Decision 1 Hour Coaching Session


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Do you have a big financial decision to make?  Rolling over a 401k or IRA?  About to invest in the stock market?  About to buy real estate?  About to purchase life insurance? Are you constantly weighing options, figuring out what to do, asking yourself what the best thing to do is, or just looking for a solid second opinion before you make your final decision. Do you trust and believe your financial advisor? Are they really helping you or just selling you a financial product and collecting fees? At Ultimate Financial we’re on YOUR SIDE.  We don’t sell financial products, life insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.  BUT we will analyze all of those and more for you!  We’re you’re coach and we want you to make the right play! We’ll give you all the pros and cons of the investment you are considering, and we’ll also provide you a detailed analysis of your investment options.  Side by side objective and holistic investment analysis to make the best decision. You’ll be introduced to completely new investment options that you haven’t heard of or implemented, and we’ll show you how they compare to what you’re currently considering. Big financial decisions don’t come that often, but when they do you need a solid decision that your not only comfortable with, but will provide you with the best return in the safest and least volatile way.  We can help you do that.  At a minimum you’ll be completely enlightened about the Big Financial decision you’re about to make and make a much better more informed decision.  However, more than likely you’ll learn tools that will completely change the way you look at your investment decisions. You’re making a big strategic decision, it’s critical to make the right one. Making the right decision can mean 10’s and 100’s of thousands and in many cases even Millions of dollars in your favor. Conversely, the opposite is also true. Ultimate Financial Corporation helps 1000’s of people make better financial decisions. Invest Better!


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